Technology is the future. It is continuously evolving and galloping into our lives. At Alpha, we value technology and its role in education, not as a substitute for the irreplaceable human guidance of teachers or experential learning of children, but for its speed, immediacy, spread, revisits, quick testing and feedback features. Technology is not just a subject at Alpha – it is a way of learning & a way of life! At Alpha, technology is an integral part of bringing together the learners, teachers, parents & community & not just a parade of new gadgetry. Indeed, Alpha & its staff have earned wide-spread acclaim for being the digital revolutionaries of our education system.


The tablet aided digitalized curriculum is more interactive – and a whole lotab-broch-17-14 of fun at Alpha. The education specific WIFI device preloaded with multimedia presentations, experiments and games with a built in camera and microphone takes the entire learning process to a new level.

Alpha Beginnings incorporates a digitalised curriculum where students do a host of things including alphabets, numbers, drawing, colouring, cursive writing, maths, flash cards & memory games.

Additionally, teachers say – independent tablet aided learning gives them the opportunity to focus on individual coaching rather than getting bogged down by routine tasks.

It also allows teachers to see who has progressed and who is struggling. Thus making constructive assessments and feed backs.


Children learn a whole host of things – including alphabets, numbers, drawing, colouring, cursive writing, maths, flash cards & memory games. The 4 key features are:

Interesting: Learning outcomes are best achieved when learning is experiential and fun. Children can get bored or distracted easily. With all the colours & visuals, childs grasp concepts better..

Intuitive: With a virtually-zero learning curve, the ipod stops becoming a “thing” for the child after a while. All the child can think about is how to colour an outline or how to get his spelling right or what is 2 + 2.

Interactive: Learners get instant feedback when the hear a "uh oh" or “yippee”, or see an error message on screen. This helps them learn by themselves & keeps them engaged.

Individual: Children love their tablets as much as they'd love a soft toy or a pet. They can learn at their own pace. They can choose an app that suits their learning style. They can learn anywhere – from the classroom to the play area.


Our research has proved a phenomenal jump in achievement of learning outcomes of young children when they use their tablets.

Cognitive skills development: Concepts such as reading, writing, rhymes, stories, values, numbers, shapes, sizes, colours, etc. are simply better grasped & learnt.

  • Communication skills development
  • Fine motor skills development
  • Stimulated senses of touch, hearing and seeing.
  • Enhanced ability to concentrate & communicate.

Technology becomes a part of the child's DNA. The world has moved towards all things digital – from entertainment to communications to information. As they grow up, their comfort with technology will hold children in good stead to find their way around the world.