Leadership Team

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment”

-Maria Montessori

If a child is interested, he will learn, and his learning will be deep and lasting.

Dr. Sudharsan Nair

Head of the Schools

Our classrooms are filled with beautiful materials, enticing choices, experienced and
dedicated teachers and other interested learners. This combination creates a powerful experience, unlike any other learning environment and classroom.

The mission of Alpha Education is to provide a nurturing, high-quality educational
program in which children can realize their potential. This mission is shared by parents, teachers and staff alike. It is our hope to assist children in becoming responsible, resourceful and respectful.

Alpha Education is more than a school. It is a strong community of families with
common goals and values.

As the Head of School, my role of leadership and my goals for the school are many.
The most important, however, is to provide a safe, nurturing learning environment filled with opportunities for each student to meet their unique potential irrespective of the board they study, be challenged and learn according to their own style. Every child has a gift and it is our responsibility to find ways to make those gifts emerge. We want each child to understand their strengths and to acknowledge their weaknesses and to know what it takes to succeed each day and to be assured that they each have their gifts to share with the world.

We have seen the fruits of our work in the amazing results of our students, as they step into the next chapter of their lives as self-assured, successful students and leaders.

We are proud to produce responsible citizens.

As an educator and administrator and with the support of an amazing caring management, along with talented educators, I would like to create a unique educational environment, especially tailored for our youngest scholars.

Alpha Beginnings, is at the forefront of Early Childhood Educational development.

Radhika Narayanan


Our learning environment creatively meets the specific needs of each child, while allowing all students to come together for a cross-cultural experience that develops their social skills and teaches them how to build friendships. We provide a happy and safe environment within which our students can experience opportunities inside the classroom and beyond.

We foster values of courtesy, consideration and individual responsibility, and provide both challenge and support for our little ones. With gentle care, we do shape their young minds to be ready for the world that is waiting to meet them. The achievement of our students is built upon the partnership between students, parents and teachers. Through quality teaching, student support, and our commitment to each child an extra individual care. I firmly believe that with the excellent Alpha Beginnings staff, we have the ability to ensure that your child achieves his or her very best.

Please feel free to drop by and request a tour of our school. I would love to meet you and discuss for the beginning of a happy learning for your child.

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