With ‘Excellence in Entirety’ and ‘To Soar High and Serve’ as
our schools’ mottos for the children, and ‘ALPHA towards an Enlightened,
Human Society’, ALPHA envisions an evolved
Humanity that lives in Peace, Prosperity and Harmony,
and attains eternal Bliss.


Our mission at Alpha is: To unearth and unlock potentials, thereby creating leaders capable of lifelong learning and independent thought. To this end, we will do everything in our power to create an educational system that maximises potential, encourages the use of technology and extends out of the textbook into real life.


ALPHA has evolved an INCLUSIVE CURRICULUM in which various activities for the growth of the 6i's of our students are woven into a fine fusion-fabric, that ensures the very purpose of good education : “to realize one's potential to the fullest in a constructive way, to lead a fulfilled life”.

Arogyam – Physical Fitness

Anbu – Emotional Intelligence

Arivu – Knowledge

Aatral – Skills

Aakam – Creativity and Development

Aanmigam – Spirituality